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Empower communities to influence policymakers

Advocacy is all about influencing decision-makers, identifying issues on behalf of the disadvantaged, and providing solutions to these problems. It helps civil society make essential advancements to create a lasting positive change.

Good advocacy can have a far greater impact than other intervention types, such as service delivery. Advocacy can be "large scale," i.e., advocating for policy change towards governments, or "smaller-scale," such as advocating for better services delivery in communities or better leadership at a communal level.

Our Impact Training on Advocacy is the perfect entry point to make your advocacy effective and based on a solid plan. It will prepare you to take on an influential advocacy role on any issue. The training will help you develop fundamental advocacy skills and familiarize you with advocacy tools, strategies, and tactics.

Who will benefit from this Training?

  1. Development sector professionals working on advocacy campaigns​

  2. Advocacy facilitators

  3. Organizations and individuals working on rights based approach

Upcoming Training


Face-to-face | 4 Days | 16 Sessions
Date: 15 -18 November
Location: New Delhi

Fee: INR 9,999* for Indian NGOs
INR 19,999* for International NGOs

*Includes: 4 days of training | All training material | Impact Training Certificate | Lunch and snacks
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