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design thinking and innovation

Evolve new patterns of reasoning

Design thinking is a human-centric approach, which is an emerging area for the social sector and has been practiced in the corporate world to create unique products and services for their customers and clients.

If applied well, it can help us solve complex problems in the social sector and creates long-term value for the communities. It aims to solve a concrete human need, lead to more innovative solutions, and help organizations to run faster with higher efficiency.

Who will benefit from this Training?

  1. Anyone from the social sector who has an entrepreneurial idea to start or want to solve a complex social problem

  2. Social entrepreneurs

  3. Program managers of CSOs, looking to design their programs innovatively

Upcoming Training

design thinking and social innovation

Online | 4 Days spread over 4 Weeks | 12 Sessions | Assignment-based
Dates: April 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th
Location: Live Online

Fee: INR 7,499* / $125

*Includes: 4 days of training | All training material | Impact Training Certificate 
(Group discounts available)

what do our social pioneers say?

I enjoyed the whole training and learned about some powerful tools, which can help me ideate better and fully competent solutions for the community members. Thanks for facilitating this.

I would call it a breathtaking workshop!

I feel that I have met my expectation with this training/workshop, and I believe that this is going to help me a lot to design impactful products for the target persona I work for.

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