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Group of female Community Leaders presenting their work after the Community Leadership Training

Our impact

CSA has amplified the impact of CSOs and communities through professional and organizational development. We bolster the capabilities of CSO leaders, managers, facilitators, and community leaders to be the catalyst of change and support their pursuit to deliver social justice, inclusive development, and improved governance.


CSA has transformed the training space by breaking the monotony of content-based training and making experiential learning accessible. We have championed in adapting our toolbox right from highly skilled leaders to community personnel.

So far, we have trained

Community Leaders

We have trained and mentored 1000+ community leaders since 2019 from 5 districts of Jharkhand and Orissa.  These community leaders are now transforming their communities by facilitating participatory planning, people-centered advocacy, and active citizenship.

They collaborate with PRIs, Gram Sabhas, SMCs, SHGs, and FPOs, so that the local governance and services are continuously improved. This approach is highly sustainable as the learnings remain within the community and the impact grows as the transformed leaders multiply their initiatives.

1000 +


Civil Society Organizations

CSA has trained more than 3000 social pioneers till date. We offer Training, Workshops, Coaching/Mentoring support to the CSO leaders and staff, so that they are better skilled and prepared to face and lead their organizations in a complex and dynamic environment. 

We have successfully created a pool of leaders and facilitators who are undertaking change-facilitation effectively with communities, CSOs, and also within their organizations.​

CSA supports more than 70 CSOs across India by enhancing the capacity of CSO staff in leadership and team management, facilitation, fundraising, advocacy, and organizational development.

We provide both short-term and long-term  tailor-made support to CSOs based on their needs and requirements. We also facilitate the co-creation of highly impactful programs. 


Social Pioneers

Excited about the impact and want to contribute?

our partners

National Skills Foundation of India
Abhivyakti Foundation
Development Research Communication and Services Centre
Swedish Organisation For Individual Relief
Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell
Bihar Voluntary Health Association
Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives
Centre for Youth and Social Development
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