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Women Community Leaders enjoying group activities in Jharkhand

our purpose

At CSA, we are passionate to: 




Supporting CSO, CBOs, and community leaders to become more effective and creative in solving social problems.
Building capacities on leadership, innovation, fundraising, effective program development, and advocacy to create higher impact.
Improving well-being of communities through meaningful engagement of CSOs and community leaders.

The Civil Society Academy in India (CSA India) was registered under Article 64 of the Indian Trust Act on February 12, 2015. CSA understands that civil society development in India is a major force and that it plays an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

A vibrant and diverse civil society, that  realizes its full potential, leading the way towards a just, inclusive world, free from hunger and poverty.

Our mission

In a rapidly changing world, we are a leading organization that supports civil society actors and communities in developing capacities and realizing opportunities.

our core values

Curiosity - As a learning organization, we seek alternate perspectives to improve our ideas, see patterns and ideas that others miss.
Creativity - We try to change the status quo by bringing new, impactful ideas to action.
Collaboration - We believe that real change can only happen when development actors collaborate in a mutually supportive ecosystem.

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