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A facilitator conducting a training workshop

our projects

CSA provides long-term support to CSOs or donors, creating a more significant impact on the CSO landscape. There is long-term involvement of CSA to facilitate the change and ensure impact. The program may range from 6 months up to 2-3 years.

empowering civil society for social change
in jharkhand

Supporting CSOs and community leaders to become more effective and creative in solving social problems.
Building capacities on leadership, innovation, effective program development, and advocacy to create higher impact.
Improving well-being of communities through meaningful engagement of CSOs and community leaders.

Our Vision

With the support of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, CSA has been working to provide capacity building support that strengthens civil society organizations in Jharkhand, India. Some of the primary objectives of initiating this project were:

  • Leadership in the CSOs is more broad-based having an effective second line with leaders demonstrating responsibility, and empathy in promoting participatory, inclusive governance in their organizations.

  • Developing effective programs that can win funding, leading to positive social changes in the lives of the marginalized groups. 

  • Strong grassroots CSO Networks are built to support social change movements in Jharkhand.


Participants engaging in a group activity during a training workshop

      CSA facilitated achieving the following outcomes:

  • Increased resilience in CSOs through better preparedness.

  • Enhanced capacity of CSOs to raise funds and to scale impactful programs.

  • Empowering CSOs digitally through the use of online digital tools for improved collaboration, emerging as a key challenge after COVID-19.

  • Building second line of leadership in CSOs with inclusive and transparent governance.


power to community leaders

A girl reading a book in a rural district of Jharkhand

The Community Leadership Programme was co - created by CSA, partnering with PRADAN, SSK and CYSD in the year 2019. This unique leadership program builds leaders of the community-based organizations (CBOs) in terms of their personality, skills as well as their leadership style to achieve positive changes in their community.

In  the year 2021, CSA set up its first field presence in the Torpa block of Khunti district, Jharkhand. Khunti is a rural district of Jharkhand with 91.5% of the population living in rural areas. The district is comprised of 6 blocks. The project area is in Torpa, which is a tribal-dominated block with 95 villages in the Khunti district. Torpa had a total population of 8,592, of which 4,275 (50%) were males and 4,317 (50%) were females as per the census 2011. The current objective of the program is to:


  • Empowering Community Leaders to become more self-aware and lead their communities with responsibility and empathy.

  • Creating opportunities for Community Leaders to recognize, identify and prioritize the issues or gaps vis-à-vis a dream village.

  • Provide the Community Leaders with various tools to facilitate participatory planning and strengthening of CBOs towards better access to rights and entitlements.

The leadership development programme is focused on creating value-based leaders through rigorous training in a phased manner as mentioned below:​​​

  • The first phase concentrates on "My Skills" as a leader, where a community leader learns facilitation skills, how to conduct good meetings, facilitation of participatory planning, and use of social accountability tools.

  • The second phase focuses on developing "My Leadership Skills" targeting transformational changes, helping them to build self-leadership habits, empathy along with decision-making and conflict resolution skills.

  • The third phase focuses on "My CBO", helping community leaders to facilitate building strong Community-Based Organizations through organization development, building sound collaborations and networks.

the process

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